What is a podcast?

If you don’t know by now then google that shit.

I don’t have time to listen to podcasts.  When am I supposed to get through your episodes?

Listening to podcasts, especially one as entertaining as ours, is as easy as listening to music.  We often listen to podcasts while on our way to or from work, on a walk with the dog, or when we are cooking dinner or tidying up the house.  Some of our listeners catch up on episodes while on a longer drive or ski trip.  We’ve also created “Half Shots” which are much shorter “episodes” that allows people with less time to still enjoy a part of our show AND allow us to record something we cut out or didn’t have time to get to in a full episode. 

Why is your show called 3 Stars Podcast?

Well there are 3 of us.  It also happens that 3 star reviews are actually more likely to be honest, unsolicited, and devoid of the hatred of one star reviews or over complimenting praise and manipulation of 5 star reviews.  Have we mentioned that we’re also pretty average?

Why did you start 3 Stars Podcast?

In 2018 Brad wrote notes for starting a podcast but didn’t have the avenue to present it.  In 2019 Samantha came home from work ticked off about her place of work getting a bad review and everyone getting in trouble for it even though the review was bullshit.  Samantha wanted restaurant employees to have a voice.  Brad said, “That’s the podcast.”  Samantha said,”You’re darn right it is.” In 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic hit and everyone got laid off, allowing us to finally have the time to get together and make it happen. 

What is your favorite part about podcasting?

Without question, the best part is to sit around a table with friends and have good discussion on a topic we are all passionate about. 

What is 3 Stars Podcast?

Samantha 3 Stars Podcast are the “knights in shining armor” of the service industry. We are here to support our fellow service industry employees, to back them up so to speak, when owners and managers cannot. We are also the comic relief after a long day of getting slaughtered at the restaurant. 

Brad On the surface, we are three friends having great conversations about our everyday work life.  On a deeper level we are just one representation of the millions of hours of blood, sweat, and tears that go into making the service industry work, and we are fed up with keyboard warriors who look down upon us and try to tear apart a single business or entire industry we hold dear.