S4:E1 Chili’s Today, Hot Tamale!

Today we’re talking about a restaurant that is known for their baby back, baby back, baby back ribs but not only that we have a guest on the show who used to work at this restaurant.  Our guest today is the one and only Bree (Coco) Davies of City Cast Denver  https://denver.citycast.fm/

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Shout outs: David, Sushi Sasha and Bree’s siblings (Evan, Kelley)

But before we sizzle these fajitas, we’re gonna go ahead and start with a drink, Brad…


Coffee Shots

N/A Coffee Martini


-the industry life.




Main Course:

Chili’s (4), Denver, CO

3 Stars, Google 5 years ago

It’s chili’s, food  is pretty good, service is hit or miss, on my last visit the window shade fell and hit me in the head, I had to get up on a chair myself and reattach it since none of the staff noticed the glaring sun coming through the window. When the manager was told, I simply got an I’m sorry… really? Typical I guess.


Coco-Mon – N/A Coffee Martini

Boyers Rocky Mountain Thunder

Cinnamon Honey Syrup

Heavy Cream foam

Coconut Sugar Rim

Served up

Resurgence of Espresso Martini

Desire for Mocktails and Energy Drink alternatives

  • Importance of Mocktails on menu
  • Hospitality and inspiration





Chili’s (4), Denver, CO

1 Star, Google a year ago

YeAh I think she for got her lil table of two but it’s okay it’s Mother’s Day …. worst day ever …. my lil burgers was undone they where really pink then go here the table behind me keep asking for ah refill but…. not us ….

Chili’s (4), Denver, CO

1 Star Google 2 years ago

The service was awful. There was a girl who was employed there, who was off the clock. She was so loud and obnoxious I couldnt even eat! She then gets on her speaker phone and persists to be loud. When I asked the server to tell her to turn her phone down. Our server completely stopped taking care of us! We ended up not finishing any of our food and leaving.

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