S4:E2 Sean Kenyon is BACK!

Our first ever guest is back!

Today we decided to bring back our very first guest to catch up on his bars, how he won his most recent award and to discuss a whole slew of other topics. 

He’s a third generation bar owner, a judge for MANY craft cocktail competitions, owner of the The Avril Levine Punk Bar, National Brand Ambassador for Woody Creek Distillery, winner of the “American Bartender of the Year” in 2014 and recently won “Best Bar Mentor” at Tales of the Cocktails 2022 Spirited Awards in NO, in 2014 his flagship bar Williams&Graham was nominated for a James Beard Award and in 2015 was named one of the World’s Top 50 Bars by Drinks International Magazine.  He is a forceful advocate for his employees and one of our favorite bar/restaurant owner responders.  The one and only, SEAN KENYON!


Maple Walnut Old Fashioned




Williams & Graham(4.5), Denver, CO

3 Stars, Yelp 9/2022

Good drinks but be careful as they try to add drinks to bill you never ordered hoping you will be too buzzed to notice.  This is definitely a place for beta millennials to voice their intersectionality oppressions out loud.

Main Course:

Occidental(4), Denver, CO

1 Star, Yelp 11/2021

Ashlynn the bartender had my kicked out before I could even order a drink or sit down for my friends birthday party. They had the door guy say “We all don’t feel safe with you here, you can’t drink here.” I’ve been going there for years and know and knew a lot of the bartenders over the ages. I would never be threatening or have been to any business or their people. This all happened because I know and am friends with her ex boyfriend of 5 years ago. Very poor decision on on her part and bad for the business as the whole birthday party left as well. I will not be going back with the way I was treated and for such pathetic grudge holding and ego stroking. Just hope you’re not friends with any of her ex’s if you do go.


Occidental(4), Denver, CO

1 Star Yelp 6/2021

The “child” working the front door is a huge asshole, if you like being talked down to by skinny tatted up wanna be tough guys this is the place for you. Guy is the owner apparently, makes sense as to why he was such an unnecessary prick. There’s way too many good bars in lohi to waste your money here.

Occidental (4), Denver CO

1 Star Yelp 12/2021

This evening me and my crew went to the occidental and it was god awful. We paid for three drinks and never received them. The “waiter” took the card and never retrieved the drinks. Awful and would *never* recommend this bar to locals or otherwise.

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