S4E3: Repeal Appeal!

Today we are going to be talking about REPEAL day and getting snockered! What is that you ask? Well, repeal day is the day that Prohibition ended! On that note we will be reading reviews about a pre-prohibition bar that is actually going to be leaving us soon due to gentrification; The Green Russell.

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The Green Russell(4.5), Denver, CO   1 Star, Yelp 11/2021.  I work in public health in Colorado.  I saw employees of the Green Russell letting people in without proof of vaccination.  The place has no ventilation and is very small so it is a ideal environment for COVID transmission.  If you want a COVID safe environment this is not the place. The drinks at the street level are not as good as they used to be.  I’d highly recommend going somewhere else.    

Prohibition: The act or practice of forbidding something by law; more particularly to the banning of the manufacture, storage, transportation, sale, possession, and consumption of alcoholic beverages. The 18th amendment. Lasted from 1920-1933  The 21st amendment repealed prohibition.  Rum was the most popular liquor in the states due to their proximity to the source.  If you were wealthy enough, you could just go caribbean. Scotch was the “good stuff” though and scotch sales saw no diminishment and let to the first “speed boats” 


Goblin mode is word of the year 2022


Vax was word of the year 2021

Prohibition Era Terms

-Cellar smellers

-Juice joints

-Boiled as an owl

-Beat one’s gums

-Tarantula juice

-giggle water.


The Green Russell (4.5), Denver, CO 3 Stars Yelp 9/2021

This was a great speakeasy for drinks but we felt that the cavern where they took us was hot, stinky, and very stuffy.  The whole time I couldn’t stop thinking about how there was zero ventilation and if covid was there it would take us all down.  Luckily no one in my party got covid. The drinks were outstanding and service was too.  But we were all very uncomfortable in the heat and stuffiness of that cavern.


Scotch High Balls (Scotch and Soda). First drink served after prohibition


The Green Russell(4.5), Denver, CO  1 Star, Yelp 11/2022

This place is absolutely horrible. Gross people and horrible drinks. The manager is brainless and the hostess is incompetent.

The Green Russell (4.5), Denver, CO  1 Star Yelp 10/2022

Went in last week, waited and waited for drinks (dumbass waiter kept saying “oh they’re coming!).  Finally, after 50 minutes I canceled them and left.  Horrible drink service.  Oh and they charge a mandatory 22% fee (they nicknamed it something stupid). Not surprised to hear you’re closing! Hopefully you won’t try to re-open anywhere else.

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