S4E5: The Awful Waffle!

Today we are going to be talking about a restaurant that is a staple to thousands of people. A place that is not just for the drunkards and elderly but the graveyard workers, broke college students or the naive, just wanting a hot breakfast. Their smothered, covered hash browns are famous and have even made it into a song we all know, greasy items are their specialty (especially if you’re craving hangover food) and their staff are well versed with crazy, loud, abusive crowds. Yes, I AM talking about Waffle House or as some call it, the Awful Waffle.

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Waffle House (4), Pensacola, FL

1 Star, Yelp 8/2016

I’m not quite sure why this establishment has a 4 star review. Came in on a Monday morning at about 6:55am only one booth was occupied but yet every table I went to was dirty we finally settled at one where I had to wipe the crumbs out of my seat. The waitress was less than accommodating. My waffle was covered with so many chocolate chips I had to leave some pieces because of it my boyfriends egg burrito was dripping so bad of bacon grease(the bacon wasn’t drained before being put on the tortilla) he squeezed the burrito and it came pouring out. He was only able to eat half of it before giving up. Our waitress was too busy chatting with her manager that we didn’t get refills my boyfriend had to go track down a to go cup and try to pay his check. Only once we went to get up from the table were we acknowledged. Not one table was wiped while I was there.


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Waffle House (3) New Orleans, LA

1 Star Yelp 10/2022

Walking into this location individuals were coming out and said “Good Luck” to us. It didn’t take long to understand why….When trying to enjoy a breakfast the team working was so loud and disruptive it became so disrespectful to the patrons that 2 tables actually just got up and left. There were 4 tables that needed to be cleaned while several waiting to be seated. One group of patrons cleared a table off themselves after waiting forever but ended up just leaving themselves after no one would greet them. We counted 8  “workers”  just gathered in loud yelling conversation and just plain unprofessional behavior. The “manager” was no better and actually in the center of the chaos, failing to lead her team to respect individuals trying to just eat, be seated or assisted. The sad part is that they could care less. I would NEVER go back.

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